Kate Larcher

Sales & Marketing at Rock Cake Real Estate

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Janine Royer

Managing Director at Caribbean Habitats Real Estate Services

Let Caribbean Habitats tell you about the full range of properties for sale in St. Lucia. Our portfolio also includes a full complement of Real Estate Services. We assist with properties for lease, furnished...

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Jenna Hunte

Managing Director at Hunte's International Real Estate Inc.

I am Jenna Hunte, Managing Director of one of St. Lucia’s oldest real estate companies, Hunte’s International Real Estate Inc. The company was founded by my father, Sir Julian R. Hunte, in 1976 and...

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Christopher & Cizele Melius

Directors at C&C Real Estate Brokerage Services Limited

C&C Real Estate Brokerage Services Limited is a family-owned business, established in 2004 by husband and wife team, Christopher and Cizele Melius, who had a vision to connect buyers to the right property. Founded...

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Zaneia Tappin

Owner & Director at Premier Property Management

Our management team at Premier Property Management specializes in the property management industry, including managing both investment homes and absentee homeowners’ residences in St. Lucia. Whether you need professional management for an existing property,...

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Agent at Substantia Incorporated

Substantia Incorporated

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