The Realtors’ Association (Saint Lucia) Ltd.

The Realtors’ Association (Saint Lucia) Ltd. is a non-profit organization incorporated in October 2009. Its primary aim is to assist the growth of the industry by ensuring that real estate practitioners adhere to the highest business and ethical standards.

Membership is open to all real estate brokers, agents, valuers or property managers who are actively engaged in the industry. Developers and related businesses may also seek associate membership. Interested persons are encouraged to contact the Association at

Our Vision.

The listing agent and the client must agree on the commission. The listing agent appoints the sub-agent and by agreement sets the amount of the fee to be shared. In general, 50% of the listing agent’s fee must be shared with the sub-agent but this can be changed by agreement. If no contrary agreement exists and the listing agent agrees to work with the sub-agent then it will be assumed that the terms are 50% of the fee

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